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Equine Biomechanics & Exercise Physiology, Inc.

        "we know and love horses,

                   and we play the game straight."

                                     -- Jeff Seder, founder


We BOUGHT (not just listed on some huge supposed recommended list with mostly duds, and we did it well before they ever raced)  horses that have won 41 GRADE ONE Stakes (highest level of racing there is, like KY Derby, or world championships. )

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We've bought as youngsters at auction and been on the team of world champions, Ky Derby wins,

  11 Eclipse Awards

         and even a TRIPLE CROWN,

with our Thoroughbred racehorse

buying and management services

                 registered trademark since 1978 as  


      Big data based analytics,

 and cutting edge sports medicine,

plus experienced market savvy, and

         solid traditional horsemanship

{our principals have 35 years experience having done every job there is in a racing stable and barn; our researchers were luminaries in their fields}.  

our analytics include:   


patented heart and internal organ scans {we invented the technique, the equipment that dopes it, and published the major study on it in veterinary journals}, 

 proprietary DNA tests {developed from our OWN proprietary huge data banks with markers no one else has or could have}, 

slow motion gait analysis {we invented it for real race horses back in the 1980's, and are the only ones with huge studies on real race horses at real race tracks published in prestigious veterinary journals} ,

our own large scale published research,

 logarithm velocity decay fatigue curves {data bases going back decades- high reliability},

    and more...

We know what works, and

     perhaps more important,

                             what does not.

(there's lots of pseudo science out there - we can show PROOF our methods and results to you }



         HOW GOOD ARE WE at what we do ???

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Year after year--- serious results 

      ( a dozen Eclipse awards****)      

 and not just champions,

               and not at sale-topper prices.

 - high percentage good racehorses overall as well,

                   Is it just luck????

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    summary statistics, and how we do it,   

{ that is --  proprietary technologies (multiple patent rights) that we developed ourselves with leading trainers and with scientists, and veterinarians,  at top universities, and that we've published on in major peer refereed veterinary and biomechanics journals. These studies cost millions of $, covered many thousands of racehorses -- and we have compiled, over 35 years, unique massive data bases, and 35 years of experience at the top of horse racing;

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major industry articles about EQB:

Blood-Horse Mag. article-July-9-2011.pdf  

    Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred Mag. Aug 2010 } 

  EQB large profits pinhooking with Zayat Stables, page 7, 


Our track record includes buying un-raced at auction:


               (with 5 Eclipse Awards)

(that is, USA national championships) 

plus major clients with Three straight

      LEADING USA OWNER ECLIPSE AWARDS (2013, 2014, 2015 )

and Three straight

      LEADING USA BREEDER ECLIPSE AWARDS (2013, 2014, 2015 )



  41  GRADE ONE*** STAKES (2009 - today) 

(Note definition of  Grade One stakes , like the Kentucky Derby: 

they are the world's highest level of horse racing competition,

and we've won many times that other major races for clients,

and we've been a part of many more grade one wins as consultants 

keeping clients from selling them as youngsters --  

-- see industry leading percentage statistics below )

{ note: beware !!  there are unscrupulous bloodstock consultants  out there peddling cheap imitations, unproven half-baked theories and techno-gimmicks without any independent refereed published scientific research studies to validate what they claim or the experience to do  it correctly.  Slick marketing literature, of course,  is not real validated research nor is a good horse or two over many years a proven track record }

 Some specific Grade One winning racehorse names

 ( those we purchased are in in bold  font)

   or heart scanned/consulted on for breeding and/or culling):

American Pharoah,  Big World, We Miss Artie, Rightly So,

General Quarters, A Z Warrior, Jaycito,

Pioneer of the Nile (2 Gr 1's), 

Informed Decision(3 Gr1s), Forever Together(4 Gr1s), 

Slip Away, Zensational (3 gr 1s),

 General Quarters,  Mushka,  Justin Phillip, Balance The Budget,

and Eskendereya, who was a heavy favorite for

the KY Derby until 
injury 4 days before the race.)

Big Blue Kitten, Admiral's Kitten, Real Solution, 

Kitten's Dumplings, American Pharaoh

Bobbie's Kitten,  Stephanie's Kitten, 

Big Blue Kitten,  Madcap Escapade, -- and more ...

{ see TRACK RECORD page of this web site }

plus --  seconds in the Kentucky Derby

(Nehro  & Pioneer of the Nile  ),

 and leading owner at Saratoga Racecourse, and a 

Steeplechase Eclipse Champion, etc.

As of Sept 2014  ---  

   from 14 horses bought 

      for an EQB client as yearlings 

   and 2 year olds that are now 3 year olds,

 over 21% graded stakes winners 

bought at auction for a major
EQB client, at
an average price of
and by mid 3 yr old year they've earned $2,200,000 in purses  --  ask for details)

 [AND  --between 2006 and 2009 (see below)

over 20% GRADED* stakes 

from EQB 2yr olds

auction buys that 
met all

our criteria - 

 - at a median purchase price 

less than $150,000  !!*

as opposed to 0.2% of USA runners that 

        earn over $200,000 a year** !]

   [data sources:
* 3 year study of horses bought 2006 to 2009
** Thoroughbred Times magazine]
***GRADED STAKES  (grades 1, 2 &3) 

are the top approx 500 toughest and 

 most prestigious stakes races worldwide each year,

and GRADE ONE stakes are the top 100,

including Breeders Cup World Championships, Triple Crown classics, etc.

{see also "TRACK RECORD" section of this web site}

****  EQB client Eclipse awards with EQB horses:

          1-4  Leading Owner and Breeder twice Ramsey Stable; 5+6  Leading Owner and Breeder Zayat Stables; 7 Forever Together - Turf Mare; 8 Informed Decision - Sprint; 9 Steeplechase; 10-12  American Pharoah - 2 yr old + 3 yr old, + Horse of the Year.

Experience and integrity at auctions:

Many in the business long enough can point
to a good horse or two they have been a part of
somehow. The percentage of their
successes is much more important,
and much harder to attain, let alone to do it
year after year

"Experts" who were right once,
cannot usually deliver what you want now.

We are mindful of all the very good horsemen
at the top of the racing industry, and our goal
was always to be accepted as their peer,
 --  but to do it our way.
Now, thank God, we've earned our way there.

Being full time scouts, and having unique tools,
EQB has proven it can add value to even
the most successful trainer’s selection process.

By successfully developing progressive new frontiers in Thoroughbred performance evaluation and analysis, EQB has become one of the racing industry's most potent competitive advantages, offering an unrivaled array of proprietary advanced gait analysis, patented ultra-sound heart-scan and equine cardio analysis, as well as pedigree and conformation services for finding top talent at worldwide auctions.  EQB's advanced non-invasive, Thoroughbred heart scan technique, using unique huge data bases (over 50,000 racehorses) is patented. We also invented the first equine accurate heart rate meter for training in 1981 and the first aerodynamic jockey silks in 1979.

Major owners, trainers, and stables — household names传奇sf in the sport — turn to EQB’s singular union of traditional horsemanship and cutting-edge innovation to identify exceptional Thoroughbred talent at major auctions. Our ability to find overlooked, undervalued contenders empowers EQB clients to purchase top talent for less and ultimately train more breakout champions from fewer horses.

For consultation Thoroughbred evaluation and buying services at auction register with EQB today . . .

A True Edge . . .
Recent champions and grade one stakes winners like: American PharoahEskendereya, Big World, Forever Together, Informed Decision, Zensational, Jaycito, Pioneer of the Nile, Nehro, Rightly So, General Quarters, Jacito,  Madcap Escapade,  A Z Warrior. Kentucky Derby winners like Monarchos and Thunder Gulch. Household names in the Sport of Kings. They are but a few of the graded stakes winners EQB has helped discover and continues to identify year after year - long before they ever run a single race.
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Solid Horsemanship
A world-class team of highly experienced trainers, vets, and handlers provides every EQB horse with cutting-edge care through an integrated competitive development approach tailored to maximize each individual horse's optimum physical, mental, emotional, and racing condition.
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Market Savvy

The bidding and buying expertise we developed as top consultants takes our dollar further. An expansive network of industry insiders provides us with the reliable, incisive information necessary to successfully navigate the racehorse market.
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Superior Technology
Over the past 25 years EQB has a amassed a set of huge unique proprietary data bases behind a suite of unsurpassed equine evaluation technologies that include gait and (patented) cardiovascular analysis that can identify great champions long before they ever race. These were developed (and published in major refereed scientific journals) with the help of leading scientists at major universities including the head of Cardiology at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School, a senior professor of statistics at Rutgers University, MDs, locomotion specialists from  Harvard, and engineers from M.I.T. We invented the first accurate racehorse heart rate meters, first portable ultrasound exams, first aerodynamic jockey silks (2 years before Danskin), etc.
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News Releases

Scientific Journal Article Publications [available in Japanese upon request]

by Jeffrey A. Seder, AB, MBA, JD, and Charles E. Vickery III, BS

[ see below for more on research team involved. ]

by Jeffrey A. Seder, AB, MBA, JD, Charles E. Vickery III, BS, and Patrice M. Miller.
This study [ and all our research ] was designed, executed and edited (and published in a major refereed scientific journal) with the direct extensive help of leading scientists at major universities, including the head of Cardiology at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School, a senior professor of statistics at Rutgers University, and consulting Engineers and MDs from universities including M.I.T. and Harvard.
1.27mb pdf download
by Jeffrey A.Seder, AB, JD, MBA, and Charles E. Vickery, III, BS
by Jeffrey A. Seder, AB, JD, MBA, and Charles E. Vickery, III, BS

This study [ and all our research ] was designed, executed and edited (and published in a major refereed scientific journal) with the direct extensive help of leading scientists at major universities, including the head of Cardiology at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School, a senior professor of statistics at Rutgers University, a professor of Biomechanics who is also on the Olympic Sports Medicine Committee, and consulting Engineers and MDs from universities including M.I.T. and Harvard..